Guest Speakers

We are so excited and honored to introduce Dawn Stancliff and Roilyn McWilliams as speakers for the Educational Pavilion at Virginia Commonwealth Cup!

Dawn and Roilyn met when they were featured on the cover of Maryjane Maryland magazine in December of 2018, and have since worked together to create a number of grassroots movements in the community in an effort to help people and break the stigma of cannabis and other medicinal plants.


"With over 15 years of experience as a medical coding auditor, educator, and physician trainer with a focus on clinical documentation improvement and better patient outcomes, Roilyn has become a resilient voice for medical cannabis in Maryland!"- Cannagather

“The extensive and various areas of work Dawn has participated in over the past four years have not only been impressive, but extremely admirable. Dawn truly believes in helping chronic pain patients, including herself, through education, connection, and access to all types of medication,” - Lori Monarca, Director of the Pain Ambassador Network


Virginia Commonwealth Cup welcomes them both and is looking forward to hearing them speak!